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1. Following is opinion about Sri Vyasatirtha and his works (including Nyayamruta) by Dr.S.N.Dasgupta (Surendranath Dasgupta) in his work :  A History of Indian Philosophy, Vol IV

"In my opinion Jayatirtha and Vyasatirtha present the highest dialectical skill in Indian thought. There is a general belief amongst many that monoism of Shankara presents the final phase of Indian thought. The realist and dualistic thought of the Samkhya and yoga had undergone a compromise with monoism both in Puranas and in the hands of later writers. But the reader of present volume who will be introduced to the philosophy of Jayatirtha and particularly of Vyasatirtha will realize the strength and uncompromising impressiveness of dualistic position. The logical skill and depth of acute dialectical thinking shown by Vyasatirtha stands almost unrivalled in the whole field of Indian thought."



2. Following is review by Somanatha Kavi in his biography on Sri Vyasatirtha named Vyasayogicharita :

भो भो मस्तर कुत्सितान् सुमतयो दुर्वेदुषीगर्वितन्

आकाशादवतारभाग्रिन् इवाहंयून् समाढोंक्य किम्?

श्लाघाकम्पनमेकमेव शिरसः श्रीव्यासयोगीशितुः

मेरुणां शतमर्हति क्षितितले विद्यासु विद्यावताम् ॥

न्यायामृतं निगमवारिनिधेर्गृहीत्वा

श्रीव्यासयोगिहरिणा प्रर्वितीर्यमाणम् ।

पीत्वा भृशं सुमतयो धिषणाभिरन्यान्

सर्वानमंसत तृणाय सपत्नर्गान् ॥